How much do you save with a discount real estate broker?
ALTRU® Saves Sellers 50% In Listing Commission:

You don’t have to sacrifice service to sell your home for lower commission. At ALTRU®, we have streamlined our processes to increase efficiency and reduced costs. We pass on those savings to our sellers in the form of discounted commission.

Low real estate commissions with ALTRU = Big savings over traditional brokers

(Below example based on Buyer's Agent Commission of 2.8%. Seller chooses buyer's agent commission during signup)

Home Price: Traditional Real Estate Cost = 5.8% ALTRU® Cost = 4.3% ALTRU® Savings = 1.5%
$150,000.00 $8,700.00 $7,200.00 $1,500.00
$260,000.00 $15,080.00 $11,180.00 $3,900.00
$320,000.00 $18,560.00 $13,760.00 $4,800.00
$410,000.00 $23,780.00 $17,630.00 $6,150.00
$550,000.00 $31,900.00 $23,650.00 $8,250.00
$720,000.00 $41,760.00 $30,960.00 $10,800.00
$880,000.00 $51,040.00 $37,840.00 $13,200.00
$1,200,000.00 $69,600.00 $51,600.00 $18,000.00

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